What we do

The Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative (SMEEI), serves as an avenue  for the Enlightenment of the general public on the issues of the childbirth process to eliminate maternal newborn mortality and ensure the safe delivery and safe families of all pregnant women worldwide. She has touched the life of many within the past few years she has been in existence. And this has been made possible through the following medium.

  • Enlightenment programs
  • Pregnant women’s health seminars
  • Health workers’ seminars
  • Safe Men’s Forum of Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative
  • Power house for spiritual enlightenment and prayers
  • Television programmes on Rivers State Television – Thursday by 10:30pm-11pm.
  • Nigerian Television Authority – Tuesdays by 1:00pm-1:30pm
  • Hospital care services for mothers and their babies.
  • Training of child birth attendants in our hospitals.
  • Sale of Safemotherhood books;
  • Recognizing obstructed labour
  • Preventing untimely death
  • Covenant of safe delivery
  • Prevention is cheaper than cure.
  • Medical evaluation and care before and after marriage
  • What men should know about child birth and good health
  • Safe delivery: The pregnant women’s health education approach
  • Avoiding wrong medical practices
  • Coping with labour

Standardization of Antenatal care – Providing a standard setting for safe delivery.