Lies told to pregnant women, women that have fibroids and fertility challenges and people that have surgical challenges by unprofitable and untrained health care providers about doctors and hospitals. (These lies are mostly told by maternities not run by trained midwives, chemist shops turned birth homes, ministries that handle pregnant women, TBAs, herbal gynaecologists and massagers).

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When a woman is pregnant or people have fibroids or have fertility challenges or surgical challenges or are sick they must seek help or solution from some quarters.  There is a need to know the tale-tale signs of lies that can lead to their destruction in the course of encounters with people from such quarters.  A lot of pregnant women and others mentioned above have come under the bondage of lying spirits operating in such places using human agents.  Such lies discourage these groups of people from seeking help from skilled medical personnel.  Some pregnant women have died or maimed or end up with some severe morbidity like VVF and many babies are dead on arrival as a result of the lies of these unskilled birth attendants.

Some people that have fibroid or have fertility challenges, people that have surgical matters and sick people have become more sick or even died because of the lies of these charlatans dissuading these people from seeking help from profitable hospitals and doctors because they keep presenting these trained and qualified personnel in bad light in the eyes of the pregnant women and others.

Some who tried to extricate themselves from these charlatans and go to seek help from profitable hospitals and doctors have been dissuaded from taking the prescribed treatment through one lie or the other against orthodox medication or against undergoing surgery by prophesying some hazardous outcome from the doctor’s prescription.

Therefore, there is a need for these people especially those determined to make use of hospitals and doctors to understand how to recognize, avoid and deal with lying words from these satanic altars in order to fully benefit from skilled medical practice without distractions of lies that can kill.

When people know what constitutes the truth they will take advantage of it.  Truth sets people free from the bondage of death and set people on the path of freedom of health and life.  God is committed to performing the words of his prophets on earth.  As far as it is concerned in the medical industry, trained, qualified, Holy Spirit-filled doctors are God’s prophets who are committed to carrying out the tasks of giving good health spoken of by God to humanity.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers-3 John 2

Their prescriptions are powerful and will solve health issues if taken at the first instant and instructions given by them if carried out result in sound health.  God uses profitable doctors and hospitals to enforce his will of good health on the earth.  The prescriptions and instructions of profitable skilled medical personnel are very powerful as they are backed by God’s power for accomplishments.

Who confirms the word of His servant, And performs the counsel of His messengers.  Isaiah 44:26

Using lies of all sorts by unskilled, untrained and unprofitable birth attendants and health workers to hold or trap people in their outfits preventing them from seeking genuine professional medical help when they have the need amounts to nothing but increasing the number of the dead among our people and filling our streets with the slain through their sophisticated methods of lies.  The lie is not from God rather it is from Satan who is the father of all liars.  These lies keep the people from getting correct help that will keep them alive through painting the doctors black to fulfil Satan’s ministry which is to steal, kill and destroy and he must carry out these his ministries through human beings who fuel and energize satanic altars in their places of work.

They stop these pregnant women from going to hospitals for antenatal, delivering in hospitals or taking doctors instructions and going through surgeries when they need it to survive.  They make our people through their various lies to behave barbarically when it comes to health matters because they feed our people with ignorant talks that profit these women nothing but deaths and devastation.

Publisher: SMEEI
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9789785589771
eBook Price: 1
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