Our Pregnant Women Aught Not To Die...

Apart from establishing the that the negative practices of most unskilled childbirth attendants cause or worsen the complications of pregnancy and labour, this book unmasked  the real forces responsible for the unsafe deliveries that lead to maternal/newborn mortality and morbidity.

You will be shocked to know that pregnant women themselves, their husbands, friends and mentors, church/religious group, and even the public, are all in one way or the other, responsible for unsafe delivery.

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About the Book

The Unsafe Delivery is on a mission to portray the harmful practices of unskilled childbirth attendants that are responsible for the untimely death of young pregnant /labouring women and their babies. The book shows the right approach to challenges of pregnancy and childbirth including  how to prevented or handled uterine rupture appropriately.

The author desires to draw the attention of husbands, mentors, friends, relatives, healthcare providers of pregnant women and the religious organisations to the issues causing unsafe delivery. By drawing attention to these issues, the book aims at making every stakeholder to join in helping the pregnant and labouring women to access compassionate, skilled childbirth care.

This book is for pregnant women, men, young women, friends and relatives of pregnant women, and their healthcare providers. It is also for administrators of health care institutions and systems.


Genre: Medical (Social Obstetrics)
Tags: Baby, Caesarean Section, Comprehensive Emergency Care, Hospital, Labour, Pregnancy, Recommended Books, Safety, Specialists, Unskilled Attendance
Publisher: SMEEI
Publication Year: 2019
Format: PDF
Length: 193
ISBN: 9789785724041
eBook Price: 5
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About the Author
Dr Michael Uche-Obasi

By Dr. Michael Uche-Obasi, FWACS is a specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.

He is the president of the Safe Delivery Grace Ministry International and the Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative (SMEEI). He qualified as a medical doctor in June 1985 from the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus.

He is a specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist; a Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons. He is a researcher, writer, preacher, clinician, surgeon and student of the word of God. He has written more than 15 books on issues of pregnancy and childbirth.

He enlightens the general public about safe childbirth on television, radio and social media platforms. He organizes programmes for Acquisition of reproductive health life-saving skills by all categories of childbirth attendants.

He also works as a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in various outfits of the Safe Motherhood Specialist Maternity Hospital LTD and in Paiyebor Hospital, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

He is married to Crystal and they have five male children; Engr. Lifted Obugorom, Dr Leslie Ikechukwu, Michael, Chimeremeze Great and Blessed Iheoma, and a grand-daughter, Adaeze.

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