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Skilled childbirth Attendants are obstetricians (doctors who specialized in the care of pregnant women) and midwives who acquired skills to take care of challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. They have gone through institutions of higher learning and acquired skills to handle complication of pregnancy and childbirth. The obstetricians are licensed surgeons.

They have evidence of higher training in their chosen careers they can show their fellowship certificates. The midwives can show their certificates of registration with their relevant midwifery councils. These packages are for their training so as to be effective field representatives o for SMEEI.


  • The value of pre-conceptional care
  • The usefulness of antenatal care
  • The value of ultrasound scan
  • Preventing unsafe delivery:
    • The unsafe mother

    • The unsafe father

    • The unsafe church or religious group

    • The unsafe childbirth practice

    • The unsafe neighbour, friend, relative

    • The unsafe maternity caregiver

Danger Signals Of A Difficult Birth

  • Bleeding before labour
  • Labour pains before full maturing of baby
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic illness such as Diabetes mellitus
  • Anaemia (lack of blood)
  • Women who have 5 or more babies
  • Women pregnant for the first time
  • Preventing childbirth infections
  • Diagnosing labour
  • The value of skilled childbirth care
  • Preventing unsafe pregnancy:
    • Induction of labour
    • Need for an intravenous cannula to prevent death from bleeding
    • Key features of normal labour
    • When the women in labour definitely need help
  • Induction of labour
  • Need for an intravenous cannula to prevent death from bleeding
  • Key features of normal labour
  • When women in labour definitely need help:
    • Breech presentation
    • Transverse lie
    • Multiple pregnancies
    • Reduced liquor volume
  • Pelvic assessment
  • How to avoid unnecessary caesarean sections
  • Complications of Delayed c/s
  • Preventing delay in the delivery of the placenta

The mission of SMEEI campaign programme is to make compassionate quality obstetric care available, affordable and accessible to all pregnant women through childbirth education of all people. It takes a community to deliver a child, just as it takes a community to train one.

Childbirth education is everyone’s responsibility so that every pregnant women and every baby can be safe.

  1. You will be involved in marketing SMEEI books to hospitals, clinics, maternities, bookshops, business centres, pharmacies, shops, banks, schools, stadia, book shows, corporate bodies, communities.
  2. You can negotiate with such organizations or individuals to open Safe Motherhood bookshops.
  3. You can organize educational programmes of SMEEI in churches, mosques, patent medicine vendors’ meetings, doctors’ meetings, nurses’/midwives’ meetings.
  4. They are to sell childbirth education/ compassionate skilled childbirth care to people, organizations and business.
  5. Your earning will be through commissions from the sale SMEEI books and the money made from each programme you organize. The commissions’ percentage is negotiable.
  6. You also need to familiarize yourself with the vision and mission of the SMEEI.
  7. The summary of the vision f SMEEI is 100% safe delivery of all pregnant women.

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