Safe delivery can happen despite complications of pregnancy and childbirth when such complications were appropriately handled

Some complications of pregnancy and childbirth can be prevented and most of them, if not all can be properly handled by compassionate skilled childbirth attendants working in comprehensive emergency obstetric care facilities. The skills needed by health care providers that can address holistically childbirth challenges include the following:

The greatest challenge to 100% safe delivery of all pregnant women is getting all pregnant women to access, accept and actually receive skilled childbirth care from compassionate skilled childbirth caregivers.

The other challenge is getting healthcare providers accept their need for other skills to holistically handle unsafe childbirth other than medical and surgical skill. Such other skills include spiritual, psychological, social and teaching skills. They also need to know how to dispense mercy.

The other challenge is getting pregnant women to receive the care they need promptly by the appropriate personnel in the comprehensive emergency obstetric care facilities they registered.

SMEEI together with her supporting organizations and facilities came to address these challenges in order to get 100% safe delivery of all pregnant women.

SMEEI believes that everyone is needed to get all pregnant women access the care and help they all need to be safe with their babies. After all everyone come into existence on earth through the childbirth process. Healthcare professionals and non-health care professionals, skilled childbirth attendants and students all need to be involved in the campaign for safe delivery.

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