You Are Already
Taking Childbirth Delivery!

You will, however, benefit from SMEEI training and experiences.

You are likely an auxiliary nurse/ midwife, community health worker or other types of primary care health worker who have been trained to preempt and handle many complications of pregnancy and childbirth. You may have worked with obstetricians or in centres with comprehensive emergency obstetric care facilities and personnel. You are skilled enough to save the lives of pregnant/ labouring women and their babies, and to prevent complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

You may not have had formal training in advanced childbirth care in government-recognized public health institutions. Many of you had informal practical training in private health care institutions run by doctors experienced in obstetric matters.

If you fall into the category described above, this programme is designed to train you to become a field representatives/ campaigners for Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative (SMEEI).

A SMEEI field representation is an individual vendor of SMEEI works. As part of SMEEI, he/she can organize programme/seminars in any institution or organization that receive him. He/She liaises with SMEEI to handle such programmes.

SMEEI campaigners are handsomely rewarded through negotiated commissions.

We believe that compassionate quality obstetric care should be made available, accessible and affordable to the populace, and in motivating the people to utilise these services through education.

This quality obstetric care is to ensure 100% safe delivery of all women whether the delivery was vaginal or operative.

The  training equips you to go to  places where pregnant women and people who have contact with them can be found with the campaign for Safe Delivery.

The ultimate goal is to establish Safe Motherhood units and institutionalize the dissemination of pregnancy–related information,  through every available means.

  • Standard Pre-conceptural care
  • Standard Antenatal care
  • Standard Intrapartum care
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • All the other packages
  • Ignorance Is Expensive: Knowledge Is Cheap
  • Prevention Is Cheaper Than Cure
  • Making Caesarean Section Safe (series)
  • Safe Delivery–The Pregnant Women’s Health Education Approach
  • Irresponsibility As A Reason For Caesarean Section
  • Pregnancy–Related Challenges Due To Fibroids
  • Winning The Battles Against Fibroids
  • Counselling Pregnant Women For Safe Delivery
  • Standardization Of Antenatal Care
  • Forgers Of Lies
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