SMEEI is the Safe Motherhood Empowerment and Enlightenment Initiative, a non-governmental organization (NGO) working for safe delivery of all women, and safe families.

We are working to achieve 100% safe deliveries for all pregnant and labouring women. Our work also involves reducing to the barest minimum, pregnancy-related secondary infertility and so ensures the safety of families.

We hope to actualize our vision through educational/enlightenment activities and products that ensure that all pregnant women have skilled childbirth care during pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-delivery period.

Progressively Consistent Result

In all Safe Motherhood Centres, Since 2010


Successful Deliveries


Successful Surgeries


100% safe delivery of all pregnant women and complication- free post- delivery period through compassionate skilled childbirth care in God-centred health systems

  • To reach all health care professionals for the safety of all pregnant women with our message
  • To reach all non-health care professionals for the safety of all pregnant women with 0ur message
  • To reach all married men for the safety of their wives during pregnancy, labour and port delivery period
  • To reach all health- related training institutions, NGOs, religious bodies, corporate establishment, businesses, health-related policy makers, professional bodies, etc. with our message for the safety of all pregnant women
  • To reach WHO, UNO, UNESCO and ministries of health with our message for the safety of all pregnant women
  • To reach donors, partners and helpers with our message for the safety of all pregnant women
  • To reach everyone with our message for every pregnant women

SMEEI wish to reach them with our tools enlightenment and capacity building like:

  • Books
  • Booklets
  • CDs
  • Tapes
  • Mentorship and skills acquisition programmes or messages

We wish to build the capacity of healthcare provides to complications that lead to unsafe delivery

We wish to build the capacity of our campaigns partners and mentees to educate or enlighten pregnant women, spouses/husbands, friends, relations in-laws, mentors of pregnant women their healthcare providers and institutions on ways to ensure safe delivery or all pregnant women.

They can enlighten all categories of people about childbirth and preventive health issues through organizations of seminars/programmes, selling of our educational materials and establishment of Safe Motherhood units and bookshops in hospitals, churches, mosques, other religious bodies, corporate bodies, meeting places of people including pregnant women.

Everyone should know how to keep pregnant/labouring women and their babies alive and well. Such information is in SMEEI. Get information and pass on such information to pregnant women others.

Our Message is summarized in our team song

“Our pregnant women ought not to die. We can always help them live. You can get information that can save them and pass it on to them”.

The information that can save them will help them access and accept compassionate skilled childbirth care in a God-centred health system for 100% safe delivery Grace

  • Unprofessional obstetric practice and obstetric practice and obstetric pelvic injections
  • The Unsafe Delivery
  • Reasons for maternal mortality
  • Haemorrhage as a reason for maternal mortality
  • Irresponsibility as a reason for maternal mortality
  • Correct information about fibroids
  • Pregnancy-related challenges due to fibroids
  • Winning the battles against fibroids
  • Making caesarean section Safe – What health care professionals should know
  • Making caesarean sections Safe – what mentors and expectant parents should know
  • Making caesarean section safe – what childbirth attendants should know
  • Making caesarean section Safe – out of the ordinary challenges surgeons can face during caesarean section
  • Making caesarean section safe – Avoiding unnecessary caesarean sections
  • Making caesarean section safe – Delaying a needed caesarean section – matters arising
  • Making caesarean section safe – Dealing with the vaginal – delivery – only mindset. Tackling the issue of Hebrew women delivery
  • Counseling pregnant women for safe delivery
  • Medical Evaluation and care before and after marriage
  • Avoiding wrong medical practices
  • Safe Delivery – the pregnant women’s health education approach
  • Covenant of safe Delivery
  • Standardization of Antenatal care
  • Providing a standard selling for safe delivery
  • Minimum standard of Antenatal care
  • Avoiding wrong prophesy
  • The greatest love story ever told
  • Unmasking the masquerade
  • Medical knowledge – God’s mercy to fallen humanity
  • Ignorance is expensive, knowledge is cheap
  • Forgers of lies
  • Hidden reasons for maternal mortality
  • Preventing untimely death
  • Safe Motherhood Specialist hospital
  • Power House of SMEEI
  • Safe Delivery Grace Ministry International
  • Skills Acquisition Centre for safe Delivery LTD
  • Publishing house of SMEEI

Expanding the enlightenment orientational literature and distribution activities of SMEEI to other parts of Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the world through our website, social Media platforms of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, Email and WhatsApp. We have the following program for the purpose of expending our works:

  • Mentorship or empowerment Programmes for our field Representatives/ Campaigners/partners.
  • Mentorship/Discipleship programmes for individuals, families, communities, corporate bodies, health institutions, organized groups, civil societies, religious bodies.

This is aimed at driving home the vision that all pregnant women need compassionate skilled childbirth care in a God-centred or love-centred health system to have 100% safe delivery of all of them. This is a place where high quality psychological, medical and surgical help is offered to pregnant/ labouring women and women who delivered at affordable cost or no cost at all for the indigent ones.

This will afford all pregnant women an opportunity to have compassionate skilled childbirth care and so be safe with their babies when health care providers and non-health provider alike see this project of 100% safe delivery of all pregnant women as we the SMEEI see it they will be invigorated to ensure all pregnant women around them go for skilled childbirth care in a love-centred health system.

Then we have disciples of men, women and institutions who will eventually establish the rule of love in our health system and 100% safe delivery of all pregnant women. Such individuals, groups, institutions and organizations will be willing to establish safe motherhood centres, buy books and other educational materials and give to people who cannot afford it or who are unwilling to spend on books to get informed about childbirth issues. They will be willing to teach pregnant women and their spouses, friends and relatives to access skilled childbirth care. They will be willing to pay for the care of pregnant/ labouring women including needed caesarean sections. They be willing pay doctors, nurses and   midwives to take care of pregnant women.

They will be willing to sponsor safe motherhood programmes on radio, television and social media platforms. They will make information about childbirth care available to their friends, relatives and neighbours. They ultimately convert from mentees to partners


Health care providers and non-health care providers are offered courses on they childbirth interventions to improve the quality of their care of pregnant women. They can get skills on the following:

  • Caesarean section
  • Assisted breech delivery/ breech extraction
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Repair of cervical, vaginal and perineal tears
  • Handling uterine rupture
  • Pre-conceptural care
  • Antenatal care
  • Caesarean myomectomy
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